A proctoscopy is a test that examines the rectum and anus. The Anus is the outermost part of the large intestine or colon. The anus is the part of the rectum or the opening that leads out of the body. The proctoscope is a small lighted tube, which is inserted into the anus. Proctoscopy is conducted to examine several rectal illnesses, including colon cancer and anal cancer and anal diseses. Your doctor will ask you about any medicines you may be taking; you may be asked to stop taking all or some of them immediately before the test.

The Method

During the test, the lubricated proctoscope, a straight, hollow but rigid tube with a small light bulb attached, is inserted into the rectum. The proctoscope may also be used to pump air into the rectum to expand it to enable an unobstructed view of the rectal cavity. The instrument also has a hollow channel through which another tube may be inserted to remove tissue for a biopsy. Oncology India only uses fibre-optic protoscopes that give less discomfort. The procedure lasts for about 10 minutes.


The doctor might give you an enema in order to cleanse your bowel the night before the proctoscopy or just before the procedure. Ask your doctor any specific questions you may have.