X-rays are used to identify and diagnose many types of medical conditions including cancer.

The Method

After changing into a hospital gown, the patient is asked to stand or sit in front of an X-ray machine. Your body is exposed to electromagnetic waves that permeate parts of the internal anatomy and produce the images on a film. Depending on the number of affected parts, images may be taken from various angles.

In certain instances and if the patient is unable to leave the bed, a portable X-ray machine can be used. It is a compact piece of equipment, which can be transported to the patient’s room.


There is little preparation before X-ray tests. The doctor will give you specific instructions if the situation calls for it. He/she must also be informed if you are or could be pregnant.

You will also have to remove all metal objects like watches, hairpins, etc. before the test. The doctor should also know whether the area to be X-rayed is implanted with any metal objects